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TVI is the leading generalistic television channel in Portugal.

In 2018 TVI celebrates its 25th anniversary and a solid leadership of 13 years. Since 2005 it is the preferred network of the portuguese throughout the day. Since 2001 reigns over primetime television.

TVI has a wide range of television and digital genres, with a dynamic, independent and innovative positioning. In total, there are six TV channels and TVI Player - the digital platform that brings TVI products to all audiences in all forms - from linear television to digital magazine, in Portugal and around the world, by exporting its contents and TVI channels.

TVI is also a believer in the development of products created and manufactured in Portugal. It does so in fiction and entertainment, where its products stand out in the national market and also gain international markets with sales in more than 94 countries and receiving international prizes.

The focus on fiction made in portuguese is a priority in a programme grid where 90% of its contents are spoken in Portuguese and produced by TVI itself or by PLURAL, a company part of the Media Capital Group.

The programming grid is diverse and aims at different audiences.

In addition to fiction, entertainment is also an integral part of TVI's DNA with historical results in the channel's audience on both TVI the main channel and social networks. With sports and news, all these elements are across the board on TVI's digital channels and platforms.

TVI also innovates in the way it interacts with the public, and how it makes its contents available. Linear, or digital, where TVI products can be consumed more and more over.