> Whistleblowing Channel Procedures

According to the principles of transparency and good practices of Corporate Governance and pursuant to what is established by CMVM , Grupo Media Capital established a proper procedure that allows its stakeholders to directly and privately communicate to Grupo Media Capital’ any complaints regarding accounting, internal controls or other auditing matters of the Group.

This communication procedure intends to facilitate and accelerate the detection of irregular situations which, if occurred, might prejudice Grupo Media Capital or any of its stakeholders.

Communication of Complaints*

The communication will be made from the website of Media Capital, by filling out a specific form.

Contents of Complaints

Complaints received should contain the information necessary to carry out the analysis of the allegations. Thus, the submissions received must meet the following minimum requirements:

Clear and detailed disclosure of the facts;
Clear identification of the Company or Business Unit in which the events took place;
Name and contact details of the complainant and its relationship with Grupo Media Capital to facilitate analysis and monitoring of the complaint;
Identification of the parts involved with the conduct complained or that had knowledge of it;
Moment when the events occurred;
Quantification, if possible, of the impact of the complaint submitted on the financial statements;
If necessary provide documents, records or other information deemed relevant to the assessment and resolution of the complaint

* Communication by who believes in the existance of evidence of any of the following situations:
- Violation of the law, rules or regulations;
- Bad management;
- Abuse of authorothy; or
- Hight funds wasting..

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