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The Investor Relations department aims to identify and provide, through the rational use of its resources, the information required by financial community that follows the activity of Media Capital. The Investor Relations department’s mission is to provide, on a regular basis, relevant information to all stakeholders, in order to allow the market to correctly value the company at all times.

Cornerstones of Media Capital's Investor Relations activity:
- Commitment from top management;
- Transparency.

  • Media Capital will provide, on its internet website the following disclosures and presentations:
    • - News alerts;
    • - Regulatory announcements;
    • - Monthly audience reports;
    • - Quarterly results releases;
    • - Specific company presentations;
    • - AGM announcements;
    • - Annual reports.
  • Additionally:
    • - Media Capital's Board of Directors and the IR department will visit investors at least once a year.
    • - The company will be open to participate in sector and regional conferences.
    • - The company is available for conference calls and visits, in Lisbon, by investors and analysts upon request.

Contact us
Representative for Investor Relations
Mafalda Ordonhas Pais
Phone: +351 21 434 7603
Fax: +351 21 434 5901
Email: ir@mediacapital.pt

Rua Mário Castelhano, 40
Queluz de Baixo
2734-502 Barcarena