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Grupo Media Capital keeps a strong commitment in supporting projects towards the sustained development of the community it integrates.

Aware of its impact on Portuguese society and benefiting from its media companies’ vast audiences, Grupo Media Capital aims to contribute towards an increased awareness of the Portuguese regarding specific social causes, thus contributing not only in terms of fundraising but also in increasing the credibility and visibility of selected social projects.

Additionally to the use of advertising space with special commercial conditions, Media Capital Group often has a very active role in helping the solidarity and social projects, by promoting the participation of popular personalities known to the public in the events, through editorial contents on the themes or simply by using its resources to help raising funds.

Assuming its role in the promotion of Portuguese talents and arts, Media Capital uses Meeting Point - an area of encounter, debate, training and cultural exhibition, directed and opened to all collaborators, partners and other entities that wish to use it as a meeting place to exhibit art works from students of the Lisbon College of Fine Arts.

The fourth edition of the Post Graduation in Journalism, developed by Media Capital in partnership with ISCTE, one of the main business schools in Portugal, initiated in 2016. This course was inspired by the “Escuela de Periodismo” de El País and aims to prepare the journalists for the future and the challenges the profession faces.


Solidarity, Projects and News


As a leading, benchmark TV station, TVI continues methodically and systematically to pay particular attention to its social responsibility policy, working for society by developing and collaborating on social/charitable projects with partners, clients and staff members, and at the same time providing information on social and humanitarian problems, to contribute to a better understanding of these situations, approaching this both through its news or entertainment programming, or advertising, as well as through various initiatives that run throughout the year.

Regarding news, TVI is maintaining its investment into in-depth and serious journalism that goes beyond fact-reporting, providing context, analysis and insights into current social problems, with work recognised in Portugal and abroad for its merit.

Also MCR maintains several initiatives, generally involving the MCR’s brands’ most famous faces to increase their visibility and impact and registering good acceptance levels from their listeners. Radio Comercial’s commitment towards the society, with “Eu Ajudo!” had a Strong repercussion in 2016, with the donation of almost € 30 thousand to eleven non-profit organizations and institutions, working in Portugal.


Promotion of culture, art, education and heritage

Media Capital Group has supported some of the most important institutions and initiatives held in Portugal as a sponsor or through its subsidiary companies, above all helping with publicity among the general public.